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Synthetic Snowmobile Oil

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AMSOIL Prod­ucts for Snow­mobiles

Formulated for the increased demands of today’s sophisticated snowmobiles, helping you get the most out of your sled.  Available in formulations for engines with exhaust power valves.  Replaces manufacturer-branded oils.  2-Stroke Oil for use in injector systems or 50:1 premix.

AMSOIL Formula 4-Stroke Power Sports Oil is formulated with high levels of anti-wear additives that provide excellent protection for pistons, bearings and gears in transmission-containing units. Its shear-stable, SAE40 viscosity delivers a thick lubricating film for an extra margin of protection in hard-working engines.

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Synthetic Chaincase & Gear Oil, Water Resistance Grease and Shock/Damper Fluid

Gasoline Additives & Fuel System Cleaners

Fuel system cleaners, cures ethanol-related performance issues, stabilizes fuel and octane boost additives designed to increase power and efficiency

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Performance You Can Count On

Snowmobiles are meant to be ridden hard. Pushing a sled to wide-open throttle during all-day, aggressive riding, however, can result in engine wear and even reduced engine life if your oil isn’t able to withstand this intense environment. AMSOIL synthetic lubricants are designed in the lab, proven in the field and validated on the race course. They withstand the toughest operating conditions, delivering peace of mind that your sled is protected no matter how hard you ride.

  • Maximum wear protection

  • Advanced cold-temperature performance

  • Superior deposit control

  • Excellent for Polaris*, Ski-Doo* (E-TEC*), Arctic Cat* (C-TEC*), Yamaha* & more

Videos That Tell The Real Story

Exhaust Power Valve Protection

Prevents Exhaust Power Valve Sticking

Modern hot-running two-stroke snowmobiles can develop exhaust power valve deposits, which cause sticking and reduced performance. AMSOIL synthetic two-stroke snowmobile oils are formulated with added detergency to keep power valves clean and moving freely for maximum performance.

Cold Temperature Performance Test

Exceptional Low-Temperature Performance

Today’s two-stroke snowmobiles direct less oil to critical components, through narrower passages, for longer distances. Oils that thicken at cold temperatures are difficult to pump at startup and can fail to protect components.

AMSOIL synthetic snowmobile oils feature outstanding cold-flow properties for maximum engine protection in the coldest weather.

We compared the cold-flow properties of AMSOIL INTERCEPTOR® Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil to three leading snowmobile oils.  Watch the video to see what happened.

Piston Protection

Prevents Piston Scuffing

Today’s snowmobiles deliver increased power compared to their predecessors while producing fewer emissions and, in the case of two-strokes, using less oil. To guard against piston scuffing and wear, today’s sleds require robust oils capable of withstanding increased heat and friction. AMSOIL synthetic snowmobile oils feature naturally tough film strength for outstanding piston protection.

Warranty Secure

Keeps Your Factory Warranty Intact


Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) want you to think you have to use the OEM-branded oil – which is typically more expensive – to provide your sled adequate protection. They also want you to think you have to use the OEM oil to comply with new-equipment warranty requirements.

It is illegal for a vehicle manufacturer to tie the warranty of its product to the use of the manufacturer’s own lubricant. In short, you have the freedom to choose whichever oil you think is best for your sled.

While snowmobile manufacturers may be experts at building sleds, none of them can match AMSOIL expertise when it comes to formulating synthetic two-stroke oils. AMSOIL synthetic snowmobile oils are Warranty Secure®, keeping your factory warranty intact. They’re outstanding choices for Polaris®, Ski-Doo®, Arctic Cat®, Yamaha® or other brands of sleds.


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AMSOIL Performance Snowmobile Synthetic Snowmobile Oil


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